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The Automation Tool Built To Get Your Bill to $0


Get Set Up In 48 Hours

We run a quick check to make sure we can help you actually reduce your electricity bill. Once approved TouchLight’s software gets to work analyzing and discovering how to reduce your bill.


Rapid Results

Homes and commercial properties can see results in as little as 30 days based on the complexity of your energy usage patterns. Results that when implemented can drive your bill down significantly – all delivered right to your email. 

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Effortless Implementation

Your smart appliances can be automatically optimized without lifting a finger. No apps or complex process to keep your home running at the lowest energy cost regardless of changing markets and lifestyle.

What’s Included In This Platform

Tailored Solutions That Immediately Reduce Your Electricity Bill

We analyze everything from your utility bill rate structure, electricity bill usage interval data, property self-generation potential, equipment operation trends, financial incentives and various other variables that may help you immediately realize savings. All of this is simplified down to what provides you the best and fastest returns to see how we can help you keep you bill low – all delivered right in your email.

Virya Automation

Custom Smart Building Integrations That Automate Your Energy Efficiency

That tailored intelligence we gathered and evaluated needs to be implemented. We customize software for your home or building to manage and improve the operational efficiency of smart devices ranging from your HVAC to smart outlets & various other sensor driven products. 

A growing suite of Hardware & Software available for Free or at Wholesale Rates

The latest technology from leading manufacturers, customized to your property so you realize the LARGEST SAVINGS and receive wholesale rates for all the equipment provided. On top of that as technology evolves we give you access to HARDWARE UPGRADES. We leverage these technologies to help you get down to a $0 Electricity Bill while adding to your home’s resilience against grid failure. 

How It Works

A Simple Three Step Process To Get Your Bill to $0

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Step One:

Site Energy Analysis

Within 30 days we analyze and evaluate everything unique about your energy usage patterns and provide you with simple lifestyle enhancements that can reduce your bill immediately if implemented. 


Step Two:

Custom Automation Software

Over the course of 2 to 5 months we begin to build out a custom software to your home or property that manages smart appliances [HVAC, Plugs & more] on your behalf. The software learns your lifestyle and adapts to keep bills as low as possible. 

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Step Three:

Energy Resiliency

Once your property’s energy is optimized and automated we begin to evaluate the minimal amount of solar & storage solutions needed to keep you operating without heavy grid support. Meaning grid or not you can keep critical infrastructure running because of our software.

One Subscription That Pays For Itself

For Homes

For Homeowners, Residential Portfolios & Single Family Residences
$ 12
99 Monthly
  • Full Building Energy Analysis & Automation
  • Personal Home Analyst to Help Evaluate & Understand Upgrades
  • Option to Buy or Rent Wholesale Rate Solar, Storage, etc
  • Upgrade or Trade In Purchased Hardware

For Commercial Properties

Includes Apartment Complexes & Industrial Assets
$ 500
00 Monthly
  • Full Building Energy Analysis & Automation
  • Personal Building Analyst to Help Evaluate & Understand Upgrades
  • Option to Buy or Rent Wholesale Rate Solar, Storage, etc
  • Upgrade or Trade In Purchased Hardware

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