Acheive A $0 Electricity Bill With Our

A.I. Driven Solar Panels, Batteries & Energy Efficiency Software

The A.I. Tools That Help You Achieve A $0 Electricity Bill

EnergyIQ || Energy Monitoring & Analytics

Immediately Know What Saves You On Your Electricity Bill

We analyze everything from your utility bill rate structure, electricity bill usage interval data, property self-generation potential, equipment operation trends, financial incentives and various other variables that may help you immediately realize savings. All of this is simplified down to what provides you the best and fastest returns to see how we can help you keep you bill low – all delivered right in your email.

Energy Efficiency Software

ViryaOS || Energy Efficiency Automation

Reduce Electricity Bills By Up To 30% With Our Smart Building Integrations

Our software considers various variables when looking for the most affordable energy to operate your HVAC units, Power Outlets & Lights with. Adding a necessary layer of intelligence that repeatedly saves property owners up to 30% on their electricity costs. 

A set it and leave it solution that requires no additional effort after we have integrated with your property. 

Energy Efficiency Automation

Intelligent Solar Panels & Energy Storage 

Prevent Blackouts & Achieve A $0 Electricity Bill With A Smaller Solar & Storage System

With intelligent energy management we can maximize the amount of energy generated from your solar system to get you to use the least amount of grid electricity and achieve a $0 electricity bill. An additional benefit is ensuring that you can now remain grid free longer during blackouts by letting our software prioritize critical loads during power cuts.

Blackout Prevention With TouchLight

Who is TouchLight & What Do We Do?

We Develop The Technologies & Infrastructure That Help Change The Way Energy Is Generated - To Enable A Micro-Grid Driven Future

Our focus is developing solutions & partnerships with other companies that help individual property owners transform their property to operate without the need for the electricity gird. This is a crucial step in creating a renewable & resilient micro-grid.

We help people prepare their properties for the distributed energy electricity grid that is coming soon.


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