Achieve Energy Independence And Break Free Of The Electric Grid

Your property has the resources to make the grid a backup source of power. We use our Automation Software to make that happen. 

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Homeowners & Property Owners trust TouchLight to transform their property’s into a system which makes them up to 100% Energy Independent of the traditional electric grid. 

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People Are Frustrated With Outages, Rising Electric Rates & Utilities In General

Outages are frustrating and can cost homeowners, small businesses and industrial sites money and inconvenience.

However, outages aren’t the only part of why Energy Independence is important…It provides you the ability to choose what you want to power without being beholden to the electric utility.

The freedom to have a fleet of Electric Vehicles. The safety knowing you can have medical equipment at home. The confidence that your property can handle whatever you need power for. 

How We Help You Achieve Energy Independence

Traditional solar & storage systems tie in with the electric grid and automatically buy and sell power based on the UTILITY’S needs. We work similar software the grid uses in reverse to help you reduce your energy needs from the grid until you reach 100% energy independence.

Software That Saves You Big On Battery Storage

Batteries Are Expensive -Especially If You Want To Cover your entire property’s energy needs to stay online for 24 Hours +. Our Software Saves property owners big on physical hardware costs by acting like a “virtual battery”.

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Get Started For Free. No solar, storage or generators required.