An Energy Efficiency Deep Learning A.I. Assistant

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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In today’s market there are hundreds if not thousands of ways you can work on your home or commercial property’s energy efficiency. Ranging from LED upgrades, to switching to more energy efficient appliances you can reduce your energy consumption in many ways. However, this creates a sense of overwhelm for most homeowners and property owners who would like to leverage energy efficiency as a means of reducing their electricity bill and making their property more resilient.

Energy efficiency has become a hot topic in the industry especially as we see Northern California’s grid actively crumble causing millions of people to be without electricity for elongated periods of time. People in California already are quite forward thinking and focus on doing as many energy efficient upgrades as possible while making sure they can operate grid free by installing solar panels on their roof.

However, there in lies the problem – with information & options seemingly unlimited it becomes very difficult to find out which ones will provide the best impact for your home or property and your bottom line. Having the extra $100/Month if you are a homeowner would be amazing and it is possible to achieve a $0 electricity bill if you make the right decisions when it comes to energy efficiency and resiliency.

There are Hundreds of Ways to Save on Electricity Bill Costs – We Help Find the Best Ones for You

We developed a deep learning A.I. which evaluates how you use energy within your building and then makes suggestions as to what exact efficiency upgrades or changes can provide the greatest impact in reducing your electricity bill.

This software is always learning and evaluating your property on an ongoing basis via an energy sensor we install on your electrical panel. The intelligence we have built on top of these sensors allows us to save you months of research and analysis on your energy usage at different properties when considering energy efficiency.

Our A.I. discovers the best energy efficiency & generation solutions to help you get to a $0 electricity bill

We get highly granular data on what equipment is using electricity and use that along with a series of other data points, such as; weather data, indoor temperature, historical energy usage patterns, financial incentives, current electricity rate structures, available potential of property to self-generate its own electricity and more.

We then let the A.I. learn and test thousands of options and look for the best possible solutions that can reduce your electricity bill.

As an added benefit it can also detect faulty equipment based on the energy usage patterns, we pick up on.

Here are a few results our service delivers:

We detected Faulty Insulation

Here is a great example of how we save a homeowner $50/Month using our software. Our software had detected that there was abnormal usage in the AC system at a home in New York. Every 30 minutes or so the AC unit would turn on just to try and maintain internal temperature within the property.

Naturally the first instinct was that the AC unit may have gone bad, had a faulty part and wasn’t able to effectively cool the house.

However, this is where our software shined…and found that it wasn’t an AC unit issue but a possible insulation issue that was causing this to occur.

First sign was that the AC unit wasn’t drawing more energy than normal and typically when equipment begins to fail, we start to see abnormalities in the equipment where it starts to pull more energy than necessary or drops off in usage.

Second sign was the temperature inside was quickly reaching the current outside temperature during those 30 minutes, meaning the house couldn’t hold temperature. Had the AC unit been the problem we would have seen that the house wasn’t staying at a stable temperature.

This was all detected because of our software learning the home’s energy usage. Which ended up saving this homeowner $50/Month because of some faulty insulation on the windows.

We detected HVAC operation inefficiency

Smart thermostats by themselves don’t do much to reduce your electricity bill. When you see smart devices boast their “energy efficiency” what they mean is that you can now turn off and turn on your devices on command and in turn reduce your electricity consumption. Which is a great solution and why Google and Amazon are the two dominant names when it comes to providing smart home services. However, these devices provide companies like TouchLight the ability to remotely and on an ongoing basis do full home and property energy efficiency for our customers.

For instance, we have a customer who had a very high electricity bill that was driven by the HVAC/AC unit that they had installed at their home. Naturally they already had a smart thermostat which was pro-grammatically turning on and off based on their preferences. What we did is went in and controlled the sensor to see when it was programming itself to turn on and off.

What we discovered over the course of a few months is that the AC unit would turn on and off regardless of the cost of electricity and the necessity to cool the house. Based on the internal temperature and the outside temperature sometimes turning on the AC isn’t necessary. Furthermore, the smart thermostat wasn’t considering internal temperature and the current electricity rates to find out when to turn on and off.  

Our software realized this and suggested that the homeowner improve their energy efficiency by implementing our ViryaOS energy efficiency software. Which ended up saving them $24/Month by optimizing their HVAC operation based on property specific usage information.

Saved $10K with Optimized Solar System

To achieve a $0 electricity bill solar becomes necessary or the ability to self-generate electricity must be evaluated. However, most solar companies will always over size solar systems in order to ensure they can cover all your energy costs. What this means is that you will end up spending far more on solar than necessary.

Our software combats this as it understands your energy usage at a highly granular level. We actually saved a homeowner $10K on a solar system from Tesla Solar City & Sunrun by discovering simple and affordable energy efficiency upgrades that dropped his system size from a 12 kW solar system to a 6.5 kW solar system. Better yet, we were able to connect him with a series of private installers and source the equipment making it even more affordable than signing a PPA with the traditional solar companies on the market.

The process to implement TouchLight’s EnergyIQ service is easy

    1. Purchase our service with a one-time payment with no ongoing subscription fees
    2. Once the commercial grade energy sensor is installed we begin to analyze your property’s energy usage over 1 to 3 months
    3. Deliver all of your results and information via text and email so you don’t have to download any apps or remember where to log in to see your energy information.
Energy Efficiency Software

No subscription fees, just a one-time service investment

We are a future proofed solution to ensuring your property is always as energy efficient as possible. Request Setup below to get pricing for your home. 

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