Energy Efficiency Automation Driven By A.I.

Optimize your HVAC and other smart appliances to inteligently reduce your electricity bill on a monthly basis. See up to 30% reduction on your electricity bill.

A Deep Learning A.I. That Discovers & Implements The Best Operational Processes For Smart Appliances

HVAC | AC Optimization

Heating and Cooling for homes and commercial properties is typically where most of your electricity bill is generated from. By optimizing you can put a large dent in your electricity bill.

Smart Plug Load Management

By understanding what is plugged in where and how energy is moving through the home we can reduce your electricity bill and help with energy distribution during blackouts.

The Type of Results We Deliver

Example Residential AC Optimization With TouchLight’s Energy Efficiency Automation Software – Virya OS

One Subscription Covers All Your Energy Needs

Pricing based on electricity bill. Annual Billing. Recurring Billing.


$ 29
Per Month

Apts and C&I Sites

$ 509
Per Month

Resi and C&I

$ CUSTOM Volume Pricing

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