Energy Monitoring & Analytics || Know Exactly What Saves You On Electricity Costs

Our Energy Monitoring Sensor paired with our Deep Learning A.I. discovers all of the energy efficiency opportunities at your property and evaluates which ones provide the largest reduction to your electricity bill. All of this is provided right to you via text and email.

Energy Efficiency Software

Features & Benefits

Know What Saves You Money

We continuously evaluate and check your energy usage patterns to find the best energy bill savings opportunities that can help you.

Detailed Insights On Your Energy Usage

Know everything about your electricity usage with the commercial grade sensor we deploy within your property

Detect Equipment Failures

We can tell if equipment may not be operating properly based on the electricity usage patterns from devices we identify at your home. 

No Apps or New Dashboards to Learn How To Use

No apps or dashboards to access to figure out what your electricity usage is like. Text or email you question and get a response specific to your home.

There are Hundreds of Ways to Save on Electricity Bill Costs

We Find the Best Ones For You

Insulation Issue Cost $50/Month

Our software detected heavy usage from the AC unit installed at a NY based property to keep indoor temperature stable.

Turned out that the insulation at the home was the problem, not the AC unit.

We Provided

  • List of vetted contractors who could help with insulation
  • Information on expected cost of upgrade and payback period


AC Unit Operation Inefficiency

Our software detected that the smart thermostat installed was turning on at high electric cost hours

Most smart thermostats don’t consider local electricity rates & weather data.

We Provided

  • Software that trains the smart thermostat to operate cost effectively*
  • Detailed insights into when the cheapest hours for electricity are


Optimized Solar System For Home

Customer was receiving solar bids for a 12-kW system to cover entire home’s energy usage. Cost was between $25K and $40K

We found simple and affordable efficiency upgrades that dropped the system size to 6.5 kW

We Provided

  • Actual costs for solar + inverters + labor and permitting
  • Optimizations needed to reduce solar system size.


Receive Reports & Analysis On An Ongoing Basis That Adapts To Your Changing Lifestyle

All Pricing Includes:

  • Includes: Sensor, Accessories, Installation, Service & Setup Costs
  • Discounts on Hardware & Services Through Our Network
  • Future Software Updates & Upgrades with No Subscription Costs
Energy Monitoring Sensor

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