Giving Everyone Access To Energy Efficiency Software

Energy IQ is an Energy Efficiency Automation Solution

Energy Efficiency is a critical step to reducing your energy consumption and electric bill while also reducing your carbon footprint. 

Energy IQ is open source in order to help YOU have access to the most powerful community developed solution that works to your favor. 

By leveraging a series of sensors & smart home devices Energy IQ optimizes your property to utilize the least amount of energy possible while meeting your lifestyle requirements. 

With a first class team actively pushing this forward you can trust to use Energy IQ as your assistant into meeting and beating your carbon neutral and energy efficiency goals. 

Run At 100% Energy Efficiency

Our software learns how your property uses energy and discovers ways to reduce your energy consumption without you changing your lifestyle. See all the changes in your tailored dashboard.

Know Everything About Your Energy Usage

When you use Energy IQ we deploy a series of sensors. We then use that data to tell stories that can help you see deep into how and where you use energy in real time.

Sharing Our Innovations

We decided to open source our technology to ensure everybody from the smallest home to the largest industrial sites have access to energy efficiency software. 

Attracting the smartest people to advance the software & removing the barriers to adoption pushes us collectively forward toward improving the state of our environment. 

Achieve Energy Efficiency Everwhere With Energy IQ