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Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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This post will be evolving and updated as needed to help answer the most common questions our Technical Sales Team encounters.

What is Required to Get A Subscription To Your Energy Systems?

If a homeowner then you must either own or rent the property. If a commercial property owner you must own the site or be able to make additions to the site.

We will require you to provide us Wi-Fi access [don’t worry we don’t eat up your bandwidth] so that Virya OS can go to work and we can keep an eye on the equipment to make sure it is operating at all times.

What all does the subscription include?

If you qualify and get the all inclusive subscription. We cover design & permitting docs, installation of the equipment and the equipment cost. You also get Virya OS standard with the subscription along with the base equipment for it to start to go to work.

In regards to installation – should there be extra construction required – ie. roof replacement or brand new electrical panel – we may not be able to cover that as part of the subscription. In the even you choose to have us handle those upgrades, we will pass on the cost from our installation partners & providers.

What happens when I cancel my agreement?

If you were on the all inclusive subscription you are given two options: Cancel entirely and have equipment removed or freeze your subscription and go month to month.

Cancel entirely: Depending on where you are in your subscription and what your system size/equipment is you are given a predetermined cancellation fee in your subscription that you can find. In this case, upon payment, we will come remove they system and clean up after ourselves.

Freeze Your Subscription: This is typically what most owners choose. You pay a predetermined “usage fee” [Ex. If your solar panels produced 100 kWh/Month we charge you a pre set $/kWh]. This is tracked and invoiced monthly. This keeps your systems operational and allows you to easily sell the property without having to force the next owner to take on the original subscription if they don’t want the valuable benefits of Virya OS, hardware upgrades and included O&M.

What happens if I move or sell my property?

If you were on the all inclusive subscription, you can either transfer the subscription to the new owner or if the new owner would prefer to just pay their standard electrical bill, just freeze your subscription and we will handle the rest.

What are my payment options?

We take ACH payments that are currently processed via stripe. At this time we do not accept credit cards for payment.

Should I get the all inclusive subscription or Ownership Subscription?

If you want to see the greatest economic return we always suggest the Ownership Subscription as that provides the best of the subscription and ownership.

If you qualify, your representative that is helping you will provide you a quote and comparison between the all inclusive and ownership options based on your specific financial and energy goals.

What size and system specs should I go for?

Every site is unique, your representative will handle all of that for you. All you will need to provide are historical electric bills, property address and your energy goals. We handle the rest!

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