Kinetic Tiles at Brooklyn Navy Yard

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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This past weekend New Lab hosted their annual open house party [this theme in 2019 was lights+motion] to showcase all of the high-tech companies at the New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. TouchLight has been actively doing a pilot of our kinetic tiles at the New Lab in order to evaluate the potential for energy generation from office buildings to see if there are useful applications of the technology in lower traffic areas.

Events like this are common in office buildings which mean the energy generated during parties in the lobby or in conference halls could be useful for various applications. It was our goal to test and evaluate what applications we could fill – while also stress testing our new versions of the kinetic tiles.

Some Fun Facts

  • – During the party we generated enough energy to run roughly one room of lights [x6 60W lightbulbs 
  • – We had about 200 people go across the array and jump on the 9 kinetic tile array

We learned a lot from those who swung by the kinetic tile display

  • We had a lot of amazing individuals ranging from marketers, property owners, tech enthusiasts, engineers and some cool kids as well [watch the amateur video below] who gave us some amazing ideas and applications to explore regarding the kinetic tile installation and deployment.

Play Video

Naturally the common requests and suggestions were along the lines of

Can I put this in my home?

Can we get these in concerts?

Let’s put these dance floors in pre-schools for kids to play with!

The simple answer is yes, however, this might be a more expensive way to do so and achieve those results. Regardless, if one of you are reading this and would like us to put it in your local pre-school or school or even get it in your local concert hall…contact our technical sales team and we can get in touch with the right people at your organization.

Building utilization is a huge application for our kinetic tiles

We learned very quickly from watching people jump and interact on the tiles that we were able to see how and where people were walking across the array. Doing something of this nature enabled us to realize that there is potential to actually evaluate how people use homes and properties without needing to collect any data on an individual person. This means we can have heatmaps of properties all from our kinetic tiles that collect data on where the most commonly walked areas are.

Now we are an energy company that works with properties like a New Lab to ensure that we can get their electricity bill down to $0. Knowing what parts of a building are being used at any given time means we can now intelligently turn on and off different parts of a building while also providing additional value in how the building is utilized.


The party was a success and we will continue to evaluate applications of our kinetic tiles as time goes on.

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