Supported Regions || Product Availability

Data Access Requirement For Platform Usage

TouchLight strives to open new markets and new regions that we can help support on our platform without requiring any additional sensor or hardware purchase. However, for our platform to work we require access to electricity “interval data” which gives us information on how you use energy down to 15 minute intervals. Without access to this information we won’t be able to provide a valuable energy audits or action plans that can help you achieve your energy resilience goals. This is why we confirm we can access the data from your utility before we onboard you to our platform.

But, we don’t like to say no to helping our customers who want to move toward energy independence. In the event we cannot receive utility bill interval data in your region we may be able to install a commercial grade sensor to analyze and get even higher granular data on how your home utilizes energy and provide all the same value. This method does require an upfront cost for implementation. If you end up in this position the representative that is working on your on-boarding may be able to provide you with favorable routes and promotions to help you keep as much of your money to get access to our platform. Our goal is to help you get to a $0 electricity bill so rightfully so we will work with you to find every way to help interested customers get on boarded to our platform to see the results we can deliver. 

Supported Regions

This will continue to be updated as new regions are added and confirmed to be able to deliver electricity interval data. If your utility or region is not listed it is likely not supported.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)*
Southern California Edison (SCE)
San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E)*
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)


 Hawaiian Electric (HECO)
–   Includes Hawaii Electric Light (HELCO) and Maui Electric (MECO)

East Coast

PSEG (Long Island)
Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE)
Florida Power and Light (FPL)
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)


Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)


Nevada Energy (NVE)
Arizona Public Service (APS)

Note – Interval data availability is predicated on a smart meter being installed. Depending on the smart meter installed, hourly or 15-minute interval data may be available. Please also understand that some supported utilities may still not provide access to interval data in which case you may still need a sensor installed. Your Account Executive will walk you through this process. 

What Happens If My Utility Isn't Listed?

Don’t worry we can still help you and rework a custom package specific to you. 

As long as you are located in the US we can likely put together a package to help get your home set up with a smart sensor with professional installation in order to get your home up to spec so that our platform can begin helping you get to a $0 electricity bill. 

During the on-boarding process if it is realized you need to have a smart sensor installed your Account Executive will reach out with a customized solution as to how we can help you get set up! 

We recognize this can be a bit lengthier process than just a short digital on boarding process so we make sure to package these solutions to help make sure it works best for you!