How TouchLight’s Solar + Storage Subscription Works

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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You want the lowest electric bill as possible with as much of it coming from sustainable sources. All of that you get without having to spend time wondering what you need and when you need it.

TouchLight’s subscription provides property owners with the above goal with two options:

    • All Inclusive Full Financing Subscription
    • Purchase Subscription

The two have different purposes and outcomes for a property owner.

Let’s look at a sample residential property which is adopting solar to reduce their electrical bill and adding in a small battery backup to reduce their impact from Time of Use Rates.

On the Full Financing Subscription:

    • This property owner receives the equipment, install, permitting all under one subscription fee
    • They get access to system hardware upgrades
    • Virya OS Full Building Energy Automation
    • Flexible cancellation and transfer terms

On the Purchase Subscription:

    • You get the benefit of ownership by purchasing the equipment, install, permitting all at wholesale level rates
    • You take an add on optional subscription which provides you the benefit of the Full Financing Subscription
      • Hardware upgrades via trade in program
      • Virya OS Full Building Energy Automation
      • Monthly and Annual contract terms
      • Included O&M

Overall, it is always recommended to own the system as it will provide the greatest economic return for the property owner. When you work with a TouchLight technical sales rep they may be able to provide you with payment options to help alleviate your upfront cost on the path to ownership.

The Process

We want to make sure these proposals are streamlined and easy for you to decide if it is a good fit for you. Furthermore, by providing flexible ways to back out of these agreements it can reduce the amount of stress needed in comparing our subscription to industry standard offers which tend to be far more restrictive.

Here is what you can expect when receiving a quote from TouchLight.

No Obligation Quote

When you get in touch you will schedule a call with a representative. During this call you and your representative will dive into what your goals are with your energy.

Some of the questions you may be asked:

    • What do you pay for electricity monthly or do you have at least one month of utility bills?
    • What do you want to achieve; reduce electric bill? add electric resilience? or both?
    • Any key details on the site we need to consider [roof upgrades, electrical panel upgrades, etc]?
    • Do you own an Electric Vehicle or plan to purchase one?

Using the information gathered we will put together a packaged customized to your site which will be sent to you via email. Should there be other questions your representative will review and modify the package based on your questions and goals.

For most property’s we suggest starting with solar to see immediate discounts on your property’s electricity bill. If you are more interested in property energy resilience because you are in a rolling blackout zone or looking to take advantage of Time of Use rates we recommend some energy storage and a backup generator.

Post Installation & Activation

After we help you get the permits and complete the installation and activation of the site our Energy Automation software Virya OS gets to work.

Virya OS that does the job of a Chief Sustainability Officer for your property. Effectively always watching and evaluating the best ways to further optimize and reduce your energy consumption while adding in necessary energy resilience to meet changing needs.

Within the first few months Virya OS goes to work learning the way your property uses energy and analyzing how equipment is operating. This tied with an energy analyst internal to TouchLight helping train Virya OS enables us to begin letting Virya OS discover solutions that can provide increased reductions in your electrical bill and site performance.

Virya OS is a key feature that can grow with your goals, integrating with equipment and sensors to fully automate the optimization of your energy flow within the property.

System Upgrades Over Time

Your property will always have changing energy needs. Regardless of whether you are a commercial building or residential site annually the flow of your energy usage will change dramatically. Virya OS watches this and finds ways to optimize your flow as your needs change.

In some cases changing your solar panels or other energy equipment out for newer technologies can result in a reduced bill and/or energy consumption.

As Virya OS detects this you will be provided with a simple notification of available upgrades and what its impact will be in reducing your bill and site operational efficiency. If you sign off then TouchLight handles the entire process from there on out to upgrade your equipment.


Overall TouchLight has designed a simple and safe way for individuals looking into achieving optimized properties where they get their electrical bill as low as possible while letting software handle the heavy lifting for them via our subscription.

For further questions or to explore how TouchLight can help you contact our technical sales team.

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