Sense Energy Monitoring Sensors VS. TouchLight Energy Analytics

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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Sense energy monitoring sensors have been around for a few years and they are popular and nifty devices. For those who love smart home and analyzing all the data they can the Sense device is a very consumer friendly product. However, there are challenges and drawbacks from implementing a Sense energy monitoring sensor and we will be addressing that in this article along with suggesting a solution to this for the property owner who loves energy efficiency.

Sense Energy Monitoring Sensor is a powerful data source for tracking “real-time” energy usage

Sense has built a sensor with built in machine learning intelligence that when installed can track your energy usage in real time and based on your usage patterns and how you train sense, you can actually begin to discover what equipment is running within your home. Getting detailed insights as to what draws electricity at what time within you home.

Sense Energy Monitoring Sensor App
Sense uses Machine Learning to detect equipment energy usage within home

Having access to this information is extremely useful in figuring out what your energy drains are and what is causing you to spend more on electricity.

When you go about analyzing this electricity data over time you get to enjoy the benefits of figuring out what sort of energy efficiency upgrades you could do to your home in order to save on electricity.

Sense is a powerful tool for those learning to do their own energy efficiency

Energy efficiency consultants, solar companies and utility companies use Sense in order to get access to critical information that helps them sell more of their efficiency/generation services and make suggestions on what to modify within your home to save on money.

Sense is not available for commercial properties as of the writing of this article.

Many companies manufacture energy monitoring sensors – none of which have machine learning built in to detect devices within the home.

Which brings us to some of the drawbacks of owning and using a sense energy monitor.

Sense and other similar sensors provide you with data & not actionable results or plans

These sensors are just sensors that provide you with data. Data by itself doesn’t really provide much value unless you know how to use it to your advantage. In order to really know how that data tells a story about what energy efficiency upgrades you should make it requires experience. Much like how a veteran stock broker can pick a handful of better stocks than a newbie or how a marketer knows how to deliver messages that resonate with people because of years of experience…sense’s data requires a trained eye to be able to really find out what the best energy efficiency improvements are for you.

Sense provided the data to homeowner to discover an energy drain

Hence the actual cost of purchasing an energy sensor is that you will need to invest weeks of time to continuously evaluate your home’s energy usage and details to see how you can save on your electricity bill.

The 3 Alternative Paths To Take When it comes to Energy Efficiency Services

1. Learn about energy efficiency and how to analyze your site’s energy usage patterns

This option is great for those who have a deep passion for being able to save on their own and develop the skill to do their own energy efficiency at any time. In order to do this you will need to learn more about a few different things; understand your energy usage first, evaluate what pieces of equipment are the heaviest power users and then understand your local geography as well as rate structures and incentives provided in the region. From there you can begin to see what immediate changes provide you the best payback and follow that up with evaluating any lifestyle changes that might benefit you.

The downside with this path is that if you are not doing this as a hobby or because you intend to build a career in energy efficiency consulting or the green tech space it will require you to spend countless days researching and learning about changing incentives.

2. Hire a local energy efficiency consultant or business

This is a great way to quickly have your entire property evaluated and then receive a proposal with all the energy efficiency changes and bill reduction work you can get done. There are hundreds of companies that consult with buildings and big businesses doing Energy Efficiency Services today and there are plenty of local consultants you can likely find.

A quick tip would be to speak to a reputable solar provider in your region if you want to look for an energy efficiency consultant as they likely know an individual, they have worked with in the past who can come in on a project.

The major downside is that this is not a permanent fix to your property and more importantly can cost a lot of money to implement. The cost is overwhelmingly higher than you would expect for the hours put in – but at the end of the day you are paying these consultants for their experience and not the hours they invest to help you.

3. Use TouchLight’s Set it and Leave it Energy Monitoring & Analytics Service | EnergyIQ

If your goal is to not spend 10,000+ on energy efficiency services each time you want to know what to upgrade within your home and if you don’t want to become a pro with energy efficiency then implementing our deep learning energy monitoring sensor could be a viable option to consider.

Energy Monitoring Sensor

Our sensor, much like sense’s energy monitoring sensor, can monitor your energy consumption in real time within your home or even commercial properties. However, we take this further and train our Artificially Intelligent Software to do the work of an energy efficiency consultant for you. Meaning it will consider all the various variables when it comes to optimizing a home’s energy usage and then provide suggestions as to what it believes are the actual energy hogs within the home that can be removed.

Effectively this means you would have an energy efficiency consultant that will be working full time for you at the property you install this sensor at. Meaning you won’t ever have to hire a consultant other than to make the physical upgrades that our software + sensor discover for you.

This service is a one-time implementation per home or building with no on going subscription fees.

Our software service is best suited for those who are focused on making properties more energy efficient and making investments in upgrades that positively impact their electricity bill.  

TouchLight’s Energy Monitoring provides actionable results whereas Sense provides raw data

Both Sense and us here at TouchLight have unique solutions that can help you as a property owner – but in different ways.

Sense is great for utility companies who want insight into how their customer use electricity, consultants who need access to highly granular interval data on electricity usage, homeowners who want to see more data on their electricity consumption than what you get from the utility company and those who enjoy smart home/smart device products in general.

TouchLight’s EnergyIQ is great for the impact/result focused homeowners and commercial property owners who want the benefit of a consultant, but, with the benefits of software. Put simply, TouchLight provides you with an energy efficiency assistant that can help you discover, analyze and implement the best solutions for you – in turn being a more full-service solution. You can read about some of the results we deliver without the homeowner doing any work here

Your goal with energy efficiency at your home or property will dictate whether purchasing Sense or TouchLight EnergyIQ

If you would like help figuring out if Sense or EnergyIQ is best for your goals, contact us for someone on our team to help you!

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