How We Get Homes A $0 Electricity Bill

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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TouchLight prides itself in providing homeowners guaranteed results when it comes to reducing their energy consumption and getting their electricity bill to $0. We realized that the market has a lot of information, a lot of amazing technology and it can be difficult to see what is best for you at your home at what time.

When you work with us we have easy ways to get started to immediately see how we get you to a $0 electricity bill by showing you immediate savings and guarantees to recover your investment in custom tailored solutions.

We want to make sure you don’t have to waste time thinking or feeling locked into any agreement or equipment that you can’t break out of.

Here is how you get started with TouchLight and see immediate savings all the way through.

Here is a Visual Summary of the Process

Pick an Energy Subscription

This one subscription gives you the necessary protection and automation software so you aren’t locked into any energy equipment nor do you have to ever think about your energy again. Get Virya OS & access to our trade in & rental program. Meaning none of your money is put at risk!

We are currently running a temporary promotion where we waive subscription fees for life!

Monthly Subscription

Full Home Energy Automation
$ 12
99 Monthly
  • Full Building Energy Analysis & Automation
  • Upgrades & Modification Proposals
  • Option to Buy or Rent Wholesale Rate Solar, Storage, etc
  • Upgrade or Trade In Purchased Hardware

Annual Subscription

Full Home Energy Automation
$ 100
00 Annually
  • Full Building Energy Analysis & Automation
  • Upgrades & Modification Proposals
  • Option to Buy or Rent Wholesale Rate Solar, Storage, etc
  • Upgrade or Trade In Purchased Hardware

Get Sensor Installed & Start Saving

Achieve an up to 30% savings and let our intelligent software discover and design a system that can guarantee you a $0 electricity bill. 

The $2,000.00 investment covers the equipment & labor to have it professionally installed and set up for your home. The best part is if we don’t recover your money in 2 years or get you a way to achieve a $0 electricity bill – you get every dollar you didn’t save back all the way up to the full $2,000.00

Implement Technologies that help guarantee you a $0 Electricity Bill

There is a lot of technology and most of is overpriced. With TouchLight you get access to wholesale level rates for all equipment and the ability to recover your investment by trading in your equipment or renting it from us. Oh and let it be known that we guarantee that $0 electricity bill which means if we don’t perform you start receiving your money back.

Our goal is to give you a $0 electricity bill without any way to keep you locked in as your lifestyle inevitably evolves. 

Details On Step One: Monitor Discover & Integrate

Result: Up to a 30% energy bill savings, initial customizations & automation by integrating with smart devices. Guaranteed savings

Investment: $2,000.00 covers sensor + professional installation + initial home integration | If we don’t recover your entire investment in 2 years from activation of sensor or get you on the path to a $0 electricity bill we will return the money we didn’t recover.

Wondering if there is any fine print about getting your money back if we don’t perform? There isn’t because it really is that simple. 

So how does this work?

It starts with putting a high-end meter on your electrical panel that reads how your use energy within the house on a granular level. This sensor is a battle tested and trusted solution that plugs in on your electrical panel just like installing a Google Home. Since it requires installing on your electrical panel, we ensure you safety by having a certified professional installer.

We then use that information to understand where your energy is being utilized within the building. While this data collection our system evaluates how and what can be shifted to utilize less energy and turned on or operated differently which can result in savings.

It learns what your lifestyle and preferences are and builds a savings & operation plan around that. Over time TouchLight is building out integrations with smart appliances within your home that will enable us to automatically adjust proposals for you – in turn saving you time. We support HVAC and other major smart appliances today.

As your lifestyle changes our software will automatically update to build solutions around your preference.

Details On Step Two: Test for multiple solutions to get electricity bill to $0

Result: Highly personalized custom solutions that are tailored to your home. Ranging from small upgrades to implementing solar & battery storage. This is the phase you attain the $0 electricity bill

Investment: Varies per home

As the weeks go by the software begins to evaluate every possible option for your home to maximize its potential to get you to a $0 electricity bill.

During this time period you will get occasional notifications of upgrades and the minimum equipment you would need to achieve a $0 electricity bill. As an added benefit all of your investments into achieving a $0 electricity bill are protected on a TouchLight subscription as you can request to trade in your system to TouchLight and we will provide you a buy back/repurchase price based on the estimated market value.

Our focus is your satisfaction and ensuring that your money is protected so you don’t waste time or lose sleep while achieving reduced expenses at home all without lifting a finger.

These upgrade packages can vary from a mix of solar, switching to all electric within the home, battery storage, new AC systems. As part of the subscription you will be extended wholesale level rates for the upgrade.

At this phase you get the $0 electricity bill.

Details On Step Three: Ongoing Evaluation + Changes

Result: Continuously keep your electricity bill at or near $0 as your lifestyle changes [buying Electric Vehicles or wanting to keep the heat or AC on longer every day, etc]

Investment: Varies per home as your needs change, typically requires a lower investment than Step Two due to our buy back and rental program.

Now your home is always changing because your lifestyle changes. The upgrades you made awhile ago may no longer be enough or ideal based on your new energy needs. This is where our subscription and software really shine.

Because you get access to trading in or renting your solar, storage and other energy generation/efficiency solutions from us – you won’t be locked into the system you initially were put into.

We will always continue to provide upgrades and new packages to maintain your home’s electricity bill at or near $0 that are far cheaper than your initial investment as you are provided heavy discounts when you trade in your now used equipment.

Its simple, we want to take the guesswork out what you need to achieve a $0 electricity while helping adopt green and resilient sources of energy.

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