Top 3 Reasons For An Energy Subscription

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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So you are curious about TouchLight’s Energy Subscription, but, not sure why you should get an energy subscription to keep your electricity bill as low as possible. This post will help you see 3 of the biggest reasons people choose an energy subscription from TouchLight.

1. Full Building Energy Automation [Virya OS]:

One of the biggest challenges is that property owners want to pay the lowest possible electricity bill at all time, ideally have that energy come from green sources and most importantly they want to reduce the amount of time they have to spend on thinking/evaluating what they need because every hour extra you spend trying to save a few thousand isn’t being spent focusing on something that can grow your core business…and most solar/energy systems projects take weeks or months of research because you end up signing contracts that lock you into that investment for a long period of time. Virya OS takes all the guesswork out of what you need to keep your electricity bill as low as possible at all times by utilizing algorithms and sensors that are always evaluating available options to reduce your bill and energy consumption. It does the job of a Chief Sustainability Officer and it comes standard with every subscription. 

2. Upgrades of Hardware & Existing Systems:

Because the flow of energy and your energy needs are always changing Virya OS may find that altering your solar panel system size that we provide or moving to a different piece of hardware will produce greater returns. When discovered we provide upgrades via our trade in program where we will buy back your old panels which is reflected in the new equipment being heavily discounted. 

3. Flexible Contract Terms:

You can cancel the subscription at anytime and have us remove the entire system or what most people do is freeze the subscription [which means upgrades and Virya OS is taken away] and you pay a usage fee which is a month to month predetermined payment – If you have solar you would pay market rate for the price per kWh. This means you aren’t locked into anything that you can’t break out of and no concern if selling the property ever becomes a discussion. 


TouchLight can help you get your electricity bill to the lowest possible level by leveraging our deep technical and pipeline of technology and financing to ensure you have a solution that reduces the amount of time you need to spend thinking about how to be green and attain energy independence.

If you would like help in transforming your property with what you NEED then contact our technical sales team to help get you an initial evaluation done for free.

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