TouchLight’s Kinetic Tiles

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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When we think renewable energy generation most people think of solar panels. However, with our growing energy needs and cities gradually expanding, there isn’t enough space to just install solar for energy generation.

Cities and large commercial properties have an abundance of real estate to capture energy from the floor. With extremely high foot traffic in airports, stadiums and commercial building offices and parking lots there is an abundance of lost energy that can be recaptured to aid in the energy efficiency of these properties.

However, capturing lost energy from within the floor poses some engineering challenges that need to be addressed:

    • Energy generated needs to be significant
    • System must be safe to walk and drive across
    • Easy to maintain and integrate into existing infrastructure
    • Keeping pricing at a rate to provide a payback on the infrastructure investment in the event the tiles are used for energy generation

TouchLight begun in 2016 as a spin out from a research project evaluating different technologies to make energy generation and capture from walking and driving feasible by addressing the above engineering challenges.

We created the Kinetic Tile that can capture energy from cars and people going over the array which will enable the ability to:

    • Harvest Energy in high traffic areas from vehicles and people going over it
    • Power localized noncritical systems [lights] with the generated energy
    • Utilize built in force sensors to build smart building solutions, which can anonymously collect traffic pattern usage data within the property
    • Integrate with solar panels into the surface and match property surface texture

Noteworthy Pilot Sites

 The kinetic tile has been utilized in pilots in New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Montage Beverly Hills during EMA and under contract to install in Atlanta Airport.

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Energy Generation Use Case

See below an example case study ran for one of Live Nation’s concert hall “PNC Bank Arts Center”. This is a theoretical demonstration of how a kinetic tile with a solar top surface installation in a parking lot which gets high traffic and is uncovered can be a viable power generation solution.

Numbers demonstrated are if they purchased the equipment at TouchLight's wholesale rate via our subscription

Energy Efficiency Use Case

For properties with large parking lots or even individuals looking for portable power [construction sites] to run small booths the Kinetic Tile can be an extremely simple and unique way to produce the power to run your booth. 

Using electricity generated to run gates, computers and other non critical pieces of equipment can not only  be a unique angle to your site but also reduce the amount of electricity required to be provided from a full site generator or grid. 

Smart Cities Use Case

The kinetic tiles have built in sensors which can be separated from the core generator and help properties and homeowners get a full and holistic view of how their building is being utilized. With that information Virya OS will be able to further optimize your building for energy consumption automatically.  

Yes, It is all available via the TouchLight Energy Subscription


For applications where you want to retrofit an existing building lobby, parking lots or hallways to enhance its ability to further self-generate electricity the Kinetic Tile is a great option to evaluate for your property as it can be installed in non-intrusive ways while you pilot and test. Getting Kinetic Tiles on your site via our energy subscription can be immensely valuable.

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