Vendors Prefer To Sell Through TouchLight

Leverage our ever growing customer base of residential and commercial sites looking for energy generation and efficiency solutions. Vendors that sell through TouchLight close 1 to 3 more deals per month. 

The Advantages Of Working With TouchLight

Highly Targeted To Your Market

Refine the opportunities you receive from us by property type, deal size, location and more.

Close Deals Faster

Close deals faster by only bidding on projects when customers are actively making a purchasing decision.

Historic & Real Time Energy Data

Access our growing network of energy data for each of our customers to help accelerate the time it takes to form a bid.

Roof & Electrical Panel Inspections

Avoid change orders and major variances in construction quotes by requesting roof & electrical inspection documents.

3D Drone Maps & Imagery

Receive 3D maps & images of properties when available for commercial and residential communities to help improve your assessment accuracy.

Site Visit Details & Lead Information

Submit a bid without ever having to leave your office and making a trip to a site before closing the deal. We provide all the information needed to close a deal.

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