TouchLight’s Virya OS

Swarnav S Pujari

Founder at TouchLight Innovations

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Data is meaningless unless it provides actionable results.

That is why large companies like Google, Facebook, Lyft and Amazon all hire Chief Sustainability Officers – to evaluate data on how they use energy and move them toward more resilient, affordable and renewable/green energy sources as that keeps their electricity bill as low as possible while also being cognizant of the environment.

Therefore, we see so many larger organizations being able to afford to invest into these roles as the resulting savings achieved annually as their energy needs change are effectively paying for all the salaries tenfold.

However, we also know that roughly 40% of the US energy consumption is from residential and small C&I [Commercial & Industrial] properties.

US Energy Usage 2018

As a homeowner or a commercial property owner you can’t/shouldn’t be spending on hiring a Chief Sustainability Officer for your site as there are better projects that have higher returns. When you think about how you can build your home/property to pay the lowest electric bill possible and continue to adapt to your changing energy needs at the same time – the time investment you need to make far outweighs the amount of money you could be overcharged by traditional suppliers.

This ties back to why the adoption of technologies like solar, storage, and other energy efficiency solutions haven’t been taking off fast enough in the residential and C&I space:

    • It requires a very large time investment
    • Suppliers are overcharging in your eyes via PPAs and Purchase Agreements as their businesses were designed for a different property/market
    • It proves to be a risky investment as you don’t know how your energy needs will evolve and contracts tend be extremely binding

Therefore, Virya OS Energy Automation was conceived and built.

We wanted to build software that did the job of a Chief Sustainability Officer for your home or property. Something that took all the guesswork out of what you needed and when you needed it. A solution that could bring you everything you needed to achieve the lowest electricity bill possible while also bringing you as much of that energy from green and resilient solutions.

Virya OS is a machine learning software that analyzes your property’s energy flow – How and when electricity is being used and by what equipment. It then proceeds to run through a series of checks to see what equipment and modifications you can make to see the greatest financial return. It then proceeds to send you a quick notification via email or text to evaluate a solution customized to your property.

Because Virya OS comes standard with every energy subscription all the equipment you receive can be upgraded, modified or traded in at any time.

How It Works

Virya OS utilizes information gathered regarding your property’s energy usage by installing a sensor on your electrical panel which collects information on how your major appliances utilize energy. From this sensor we can easily see if there are anomalies in energy usage from different pieces of equipment which in turn can provide you basic feedback that a piece of equipment isn’t operating properly and may need a maintenance check.

However, property owners need autonomy when it comes to ensuring their property is utilizing their energy efficiently.

Which is why we begin to track and integrate data collected from solar and your utility company. With this information we are then able to test various combinations of solutions and check which system or upgrades can help enhance your property’s performance.

Once Virya OS discovers an inefficiency your technical sales representative will evaluate the data and then proceed to generate a package that can help further reduce your electricity bill which is then sent to you in a simple email or text notification.

Sign off quickly on the upgrade and we handle the rest at TouchLight.

Pricing For Residential Virya OS Installs

Easy pricing for residential homes that are looking to get automate their path to a $0 electricity bill. No long term commitments and easy ways to break out or get rid of equipment. All powered by Virya OS your home will operate at its peak energy efficiency. 

Monthly Subscription

Full Home Energy Automation
$ 12
99 Monthly
  • Full Building Energy Analysis & Automation
  • Upgrades & Modification Proposals
  • Option to Buy or Rent Wholesale Rate Solar, Storage, etc
  • Upgrade or Trade In Purchased Hardware

Annual Subscription

Full Home Energy Automation
$ 100
00 Annually
  • Full Building Energy Analysis & Automation
  • One Click Implementation of Upgrades
  • Option to Buy or Rent Wholesale Rate Solar, Storage, etc
  • Upgrade or Trade In Purchased Hardware

For Commercial Properties or Portfolios of properties pricing is customized to your needs. Pricing starts at $500/Month for all commercial jobs and includes all of the Full Auto features and more. Contact our technical sales team to get pricing for your site. 


As an overview Virya OS is an energy automation software that helps you as property owners put your energy on autopilot by leveraging machine learning algorithms and sensors. The result is that the software can automatically adjust high energy load equipment for you and operate your property at its highest efficiency at all times while also providing you with custom tailored upgrades and system changes that can help keep your electricity bill at its lowest and take all the guesswork out of what you need to attain your energy goals.

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